Time Wednesday, 10 April Thursday, 11 April


Session 1: Software verification. chair: Thomas Neele

10:30--11:30: Taming the AI Monster: Monitoring of Individual Fairness for Effective Human Oversight (keynote)
Holger Hermanns

Augmenting Interpolation-Based Model Checking with Auxiliary Invariants
Dirk Beyer, Po-Chun Chien and Nian-Ze Lee
(nominated for best paper)

Test-Case Generation with Automata-based Software Model Checking
Max Barth and Marie-Christine Jakobs

Session 4: Verification tools. chair: Matthias Heizmann

Learning the State Machine Behind a Modal Text Editor: The (Neo)Vim Case Study
Pierre Ganty

Tolerange: Quantifying Fault Masking in Stochastic Systems
Luciano Putruele, Ramiro Demasi, Pablo Castro and Pedro D'Argenio

Software Verification Witnesses 2.0
Paulína Ayaziová, Dirk Beyer, Marian Lingsch-Rosenfeld, Martin Spiessl and Jan Strejček

Fault Localization on Verification Witnesses
Dirk Beyer, Matthias Kettl and Thomas Lemberger
(nominated for best paper)

12:30--14:00 Lunch break Lunch break

Session 2: Anniversary track. chair: Anton Wijs

14:00--15:00: The Spin on Spin (keynote)
Gerard Holzmann

Two Decades of Industrializing Formal Verification: The Reactis Story
Rance Cleaveland, David Hansel, Steve Sims and Scott Smolka

Automated Reasoning in Quantum Circuit Compilation
Dimitrios Thanos, Alejandro Villoria, Sebastiaan Brand, Arend-Jan Quist, Jingyi Mei, Tim Coopmans and Alfons Laarman

Session 5: Model checking. chair: Anton Wijs

14:00--15:00: MoXI: An Intermediate Language for Symbolic Model Checking (keynote)
Kristin Yvonne Rozier

Synchronisation in Language-level Symmetry Reduction for Probabilistic Model Checking
Ivaylo Valkov, Alastair Donaldson and Alice Miller

A Hypergraph-based Formalization of Hierarchical Reactive Modules and a Compositional Verification Method
Daisuke Ishii

16:00--16:30 Coffee break

Session 3: Automated reasoning chair: Alfons Laarman

Random Access on Narrow Decision Diagrams in External Memory
Steffan Christ Sølvsten, Casper Moldrup Rysgaard and Jaco van de Pol

Solving Constrained Horn Clauses as C Programs with CHC2C
Levente Bajczi and Vince Molnár